Fashion in Winter: Try these bridal lehenga designs for a traditional look


Fashion In Winter: It becomes very difficult to look stylish at weddings during the winter season. Today we have brought for you such smart dressing ideas that you can avoid cold in lehenga…

Fashion In Winter: The wedding dress is important for the bride. Planning for taking it starts several months in advance. Everything from the color to the length of the arms is decided. In all these, it is often missed to think about the weather. Like a winter wedding. It is important to avoid the cold in this season, but it is also important to look stylish. (Image credit- pexels / Qazi Ikram Ul Haq)

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Material is such - a velvet or thick fabric blouse will not only give you warmth but will also give you an attractive look. On a short lehenga, a full sleeve or high neck jacket will also look good.

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Layering- Dupattas not only look great but also keep you warm by stopping the cold winds. Take off an extra scarf or inner sew.

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Long churidar sleeves not only look very good but also keep your hands covered. They give you warmth. Choose all your traditional dresses like saree, salwar kameez, Anarkali or lehenga with full sleeves i.e. sleeves.

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Jacket - Make a designer jacket to look beautiful. This will be the most suitable for you because it is quite fashionable nowadays.

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Lining - The bottom of the lehenga will be heavy, even if it will help keep you warm. If there is a thin cloth, then lining it with thick cloth or woolen.