Fashion DIY Tips: Learn how to make a Tie & Dye T-shirt at home!


Over time, we should also change our attire. Nowadays, the fashion of tie and dye has gone in the trend, so why should you adopt it as well. Know your t-shirt ...

The trend of tie-dye in the fashion industry is going on in full swing. Every celebrity is adopting this trend. The amazing thing is that every creation goes on adding a new color with it. If you are thinking that it is a little difficult, it is not so at all. You can tie and dye your old T-shirt without any hassle, and wear it in a new style. And in such times when we do not have to get out of our homes, then this is the right time to spend time at home. With these five methods, now you too can easily add a little quirky factor to your clothes at home.

Step 1: Choose the right material

T-shirt - Keep in mind that you choose a T-shirt that is 100 percent cotton because the dye works well in cotton clothes. Though you can also take a T-shirt of 50 percent cotton and 50 percent polyester, it may not have the perfect color and vibrant appearance. If you are taking a brand new T-shirt, wash it first, so that the results will be good.

Materials - You can choose a pre-packaged tie-dye kit or you can choose different kits according to your choice. For this, you will need procion dye, because they are shiny dye. Along with this, you will need rubber bands, rubber gloves, squeegee bottles for dye, a little urea and soda ash, large zip lock bags, a tub in which to soak the shirt with the help of a fork. A funnel and measuring cup, which will make it easier for you to mix the dye.

Note: To avoid as much dirt as possible, keep things like paper towels, paper plates, old cardboard, etc. Also, while dyeing, wear any cloth that has color even if there is no problem.

Step 2: T-shirt preparation

For the Procion dye to be properly bonded with a T-shirt, you have to soak it in a solution of soda ash and warm water for at least 10 minutes. For the right mix, follow the instructions in the soda ash properly. Add one teaspoon of salt to the solution. Before putting on your T-shirt, make sure the batter is well mixed. To protect against any reaction to your skin, wear rubber gloves. After 10 minutes, squeeze out and remove the T-shirt.

Step 3: Twisting the T-shirt

After squeezing the T-shirt from the slurry well, lay it on the floor. Pick up a spoon or fork (you can also do this with the help of your fingers or any wood) and place it in the middle of the T-shirt. Now slowly twist your T-shirt in a clockwise direction. Note that he does not have to twist at all. Do it in such a way that it becomes like a spiral and folds tight.

Step 4: Now just dye

Without moving the spiral, tie the T-shirt with a rubber band. Your T-shirt should not be loosely tied, or else the folds of the T-shirt may be loose and the dye will not color properly.

Step 5: Your T-shirt is ready

After you finish your work, place the T-shirt in a zip lock bag and lock it tight. Keep that bag in a warm place for at least 24 hours, doing so will give good results. After 24 hours, take out the T-shirt from the bag and soak it in cold to get it, this will remove excess dye. Finally, remove all the rubber bands.

Image credit: freepik images