Fans said seeing Shilpa Shetty's jeans, Hey, did you wear this reverse?


Shilpa Shetty is always ahead in style. Even at the age of 45, she outshines the new-age heroines. Shilpa also likes to flaunt her perfect figure for yoga and fitness. Then whether it is his casual look or Indian. However, this time when Shilpa was spotted in her casual look, her clothing style was different. Seeing which Shilpa is commenting heavily on social media.

Actually, Shilpa was recently in Manali for the shooting of her film. Shilpa returned from a private jet and was spotted at the airport. During this time, his fashionable clothes were very strange. Actually, Shilpa made the airport look quite comfortable but trendy. Shilpa wore black jeans and a white loose-fitting t-shirt. Whose round neck and oversize look were making it quite comfortable. Was wearing black colored ripped jeans. Which has a mostly torn look on the front. But this ripped look in Shilpa's jeans was made at the back. Seeing that it seemed that they are wearing jeans upside down.

But this is a completely new look at Shilpa. At the same time, Shilpa also wore shoes with this offbeat jeans. Mrs. Kundra wore different colored shoes on both the legs. At the same time, as soon as Shilpa's picture appeared on social media. People started commenting.

Look at Shilpa's jeans where people started asking if Shilpa had worn jeans. Seeing the shoes, one of the fans said - Looks like the shoes have changed.

By the way, let us know that Shilpa has already been seen in this unique mismatch shoes. With a different fashion, Shilpa was seen at the airport with complete confidence.