Fact check: people who drink three cups of tea every day are not infected with corona, know the truth of the news


Cases of corona infection in the country are increasing rapidly. Millions of newly infected patients are being found every day while thousands of people are losing their lives. Constant efforts are being made on how to prevent this infection. The vaccination campaign is also being carried out against Corona across the country, under which lakhs of people are being vaccinated daily. However, rumors circulating on social media about Corona are also going on a lot. One such news is becoming very viral on social media, in which a strange claim is being made about drinking tea.

What is the claim?

PIB has informed through a tweet that a report is being claimed that drinking tea can prevent coronavirus infection and can also make the infected person recover quickly. In the news that is going viral, it has been said that one of the famous Coronavirus experts from China has said before his death that three types of chemical corona found in tea can kill the virus. Therefore, if one drinks three cups of tea a day, then one will not get infected with corona or if an infected person drinks tea, he will be free from infection in a few days.

What is the truth of the claim?

This claim has been found to be fake in PIB's Fact Check. According to PIB, there is no scientific evidence that the intake of tea can reduce the risk of corona infection or that an infected person can recover quickly.

In fact, scientists and doctors from all over the world have always been alerted to the fake news spreading on social media and advised not to ignore such rumors. Therefore, before you believe any news, you should confirm whether that claim is true and most importantly, do not consume anything to prevent corona without any medical advice.