Fact Check: Is black fungus spreading due to eating chicken? know the truth


The country has not yet emerged from the coronavirus that the second disease Black Fungus has camped. The cases of black fungus ie mucormycosis are increasing continuously. Black fungus mostly occurs through the nose. It can also reach the eyes and brain through the nose. If this fungus reaches the brain, then it becomes a threat to life. It often occurs in people who have low immunity or are diabetic patients due to any reason. Along with the coronavirus, there is also an atmosphere of fear among people due to the increasing outbreak of black fungus. Many types of information related to this are being shared on social media, including many misleading and wrong information. It is also being claimed on social media that black fungus is spreading due to eating farm chicken. Let's know the truth of this claim...

In a post going viral on social media, it is being claimed that the Punjab government has declared the poultry farm as an infected area. Black fungus is spreading due to eating farm chicken. In such a situation, do not eat farm chicken and be healthy. The team of PIB Fact Check investigated this post going viral and found out about its truth.

PIB Fact Check team found that this claim is made on social media is completely fake. There is no scientific evidence that black fungus can be transmitted from chicken to humans. Also, the investigating team could not find any authentic report, which corroborates the viral claim that the chicken farm in Punjab has also been declared an infected area due to black fungus.

However, a chicken farm in Punjab's Ludhiana has been declared an infected area due to bird flu. But the reason behind this is not a black fungus, but bird flu.

To deal with fake news, the Press Information Bureau (PIB) has constituted a 'fact-checking unit', called PIB Fact Check Team, to verify the news. Before believing any news related to coronavirus, you should investigate it thoroughly.