Fact Check: Can the lack of oxygen in the body due to prolonged use of masks? Know the truth


Corona figures in the country may appear to be improving for a couple of days, but the situation is still bad. In this era of Kovid, experts are emphasizing on all people to pay special attention to both physical and mental health. Health experts say that in these adverse circumstances people should also take special care towards the information related to Kovid because there is a lot of news spread on social media, which can confuse you.

Similarly, a claim is being made on the use of masks on social media. Let us know the truth of that claim in this article.

What is viral news?

In a post-viral on social media, it is being said that prolonged use of masks leads to excess carbon dioxide and lack of oxygen in the body. A person needs 550 liters of oxygen throughout the day, by applying the mask it is reduced to 200-250 liters, so the mask should not be used.

What is the truth of this?

The Press Information Bureau (PIB) of the Government of India has made people aware by denying this viral news through tweets. The tweet states that such a claim is completely false, please do not trust them. To protect against coronavirus infection, make sure to apply the mask in the right way. Neither trust nor share this type of news spreading on social media.

What is the correct way to apply a mask?

Dr. Jayastu Senapati of the Department of Hematology at Delhi AIIMS says that if people learn the right way to apply masks in the present situation, then we can overcome this infection very soon. You may have also seen people wearing masks under their noses. If your nose and mouth are not well covered by the mask, then there is no benefit to you. Keep in mind that the mask is well grated and it will keep the nose and mouth covered.

Any mask is better than no mask

Dr. Jayastu says- "Any mask is better than no mask". You wear any mask, just take care that it covers the nose and mouth well. The N-95 mask is considered to be the best because it is more effective in filtering out viruses. Surgical masks are then considered to be good. If you do not have one of these, you can also wear two masks made of cloth.

Note: This article has been prepared on the basis of a Fact Check tweet made by the Press Information Bureau (PIB) of the Central Government.

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