Fact Check: Can eating betel leaf prevent corona? Know its truth


The cases of corona infection in the country are increasing rapidly and during this period, rumors are continuing on this on social media. Pictures and videos with various prescriptions to prevent infection are becoming viral on social media, while scientists and experts have always advised not to ignore such rumors. Actually, if you believe such tips and try them, then obviously it can cause great harm to the body. Now one such fake claim is being made about betel leaves, which is becoming very viral on social media.

What is the claim?

The PIB has informed through a tweet that fake news has claimed that the consumption of betel leaf can prevent the coronavirus and the infected person can also be cured.

Fake claim

This claim has been found to be fake in PIB's Fact Check. The PIB states that there is no scientific evidence of prevention and recovery from corona by the consumption of betel leaf.

Actually, PIB has always been alerting people about the fake news continuously spreading on social media. His Fact Check team has been advising not to ignore such rumors.

PIB states that repeated hand washing, masking, and physical distance are necessary to avoid corona. Experts have also always been saying that you should consult your doctor before consuming anything for the treatment of corona.