Face Wash Mistakes: Do you also make these 5 mistakes while washing your face?


If you've found a face wash that helps get rid of dry skin and makes your face glow, never let it go. But are you using it properly? Today we are telling about such mistakes which people usually make while washing their faces.

People usually make these mistakes while washing their face

Right face wash

If you have found a face wash that brightens up the face, suits your skin, does not dry out the skin, then believe me you are very lucky. Most people opt for fancy and good-looking products which smell good, but what is the use if they do not suit the skin. If you know what your skin type is, then choose a face wash according to it.

Scrub the face

The most affected by weather, dust, pollution come on the face. We all want the face to be glowing after washing, but for this, you should not rub the face. Treat your skin like a newborn baby and wash it gently with gentle hands.

Wash face several times

If you have found a good face wash that suits your skin, and it makes your face look radiant, it does not mean that you should start using it several times a day. Relax and wash your face only twice a day. Washing the face excessively removes natural oils from it, which damages the skin.

The face wash is not a makeup remover

If you also clean your makeup with your facewash, then stop today. Face wash cleans the dirt from the face, but you will need a makeup remover to clean the pores of the skin.

Hot water use

Hot water damages the moisture of your face and makes it dry. Therefore, always use cold water while washing your face. If the weather is cold, lukewarm water should be used.