Eyeliner applied according to the shape of your eyes, will bring beauty to your beauty


To enhance the beauty of her face, women take the help of many things in makeup. One of these is eyeliner which is applied to the eyelids and is attractive to the eyes. But it has been seen that many women always apply eyeliner in the straight line, while it is applied according to the shape of your eyes, then beauty will be different and will enhance the beauty of the face. Today in this episode, we are going to tell you how to apply eyeliner according to the shape of the eyes.

Upturn Eye

While applying eyeliner in the shape of this shape, give a slight wing from the outer corner. Upturn eyes are usually like the eyes of an almond shape. Pay more attention to the outer corner of the eyes. Apply eyeliner with light hands-on lower lash line and do not go to the inner tier duct at all.

Downturn came

Eyeliner should be applied to Downturn Eye in a very simple way. Flick up to Outer Corner to make eyes look bigger and sharper. Makeup artists use Simri Eye shadow or pencil on the inner corner to make such eyes look beautiful. Use a nude liner or pencil on the lower lash line.

Deep-set came

Such eyes are large. Therefore, eyeliner should start from the outer corner. Do not put too long or thick eyeliner on a deep-set eye. This makes the eyes look smaller in size. Also, use dark eye shadow and waterproof heavy mascara.

Almond Shep's eyes

Women with eyes of this shape can apply eyeliner in any way. But the winged eyeliner looks better on Almond Shape's eyes. Start drawing the line from the inner corner of your eye and gradually thicken the line. The eyeliner should be thicker in the middle of the outer corner of your eyes. Slightly spread the wing over the corner of the eye.

Hooded Eye

Try to make a cat-eye to enhance the beauty of the eyes. Keep eyeliner thick. This will give a better definition and shape of your eyes. Also, your eyes will look big. While applying eyeliner, keep it thick in the middle and thin on the corner.