Eye makeup Tips:-what are magnetic eyelashes and how to use it


If you want to instantly make your eyelashes look thick and beautiful, then you can use magnetic eyelashes.

Whenever it comes to makeup, your lashes act like game-changers in it. Thick and dense eyelashes attract everyone's attention. Usually, we all use mascara to define its length and make it thicker. But sometimes we do not get the look we want from mascaras. In such a situation, most girls resort to eyelash extensions to falls eyelashes. While Eyelash extensions may be a little costlier for you, On the other hand, it can be very difficult for a beginner to properly install the Falls Eyelashes. For Falls Eyelash, you have to first find the right shape and size. After that, it can be difficult for you to glue with glue and give it a perfect look. In this case, you can use magnetic eyelashes. They are relatively easy to use and hence girls have started using them now. So, today we are telling you about Magnetic Eyelashes and how to use them-

There are some magnetic eyelashes

As the name itself suggests, magnetic eyelashes are fake eyelashes. However, they are different from the false eyelashes used so far, as they have small magnets, which help them stick together. Magnetic eyelashes ' special thing is that you do not need to take care of glue to stick them and this is why they are easier to use and remove. In magnetic eyelashes, each lash has two lashes. These two lashes stick together and this gives you a naturally thick lashes look. To use these lashes, the first magnets are separated from each other. After this, one magnetic lash is placed above the upper eyelash and the other below. In this way, your natural eyelash comes in between the two magnetic eyelashes and it looks thick. They hold together because of small magnets that are joined with a strip of lashes.

See this tremendous benefit

The use of magnetic eyelashes has many benefits. First of all, it is a great product for women who do not specialize in make-up but still want to get a beautiful look. Also, it takes relatively less time to use magnetic eyelashes. At the same time, there is no need to use it to stick to glue or to do activities like drying it and setting the false eyelashes. So everyone likes every product very much. They are reusable and hence you can use them very easily at various times. Not only this, once you become an expert in it, then you will not like any other product.

How to use

Although it is not so difficult to use magnetic eyelashes, still you will need some practice to get a perfect look. However, when you buy a magnetic eyelash, you are told about the steps to use it on the box, which you can apply perfectly by following it. But today we are also telling you about the ways to apply magnetic eyelashes-

• First, clip the lashes according to the length of your lash line.

• Now apply a mascara coat on your natural eyelashes.

• Now take the upper magnetic eyelash, place it above your upper lash line.

• Now, apply the magnetic eyelash on the lower part of the upper eyelash.

• Both lashes will stick together, you do not need to do much due to the magnets present in the eyelash.

• You may need some practice to apply the magnetic lashes properly, but after that, you can use the magnetic eyelashes in a few seconds.

• They are equally easy to remove, you just need to pull them lightly.

Image Credit- Freepik