Eye makeup Tips:- Take tips from makeup artist Debashree for different looks


Be it a traditional or western dress, most girls like to do makeup. Many girls like light make-up, many dark, but to make them look different, they do make-up. If you also want to highlight the eyes in your traditional or party look in the coming days, then makeup artist Debashree Bhattacharya can take the idea from the looks. Debashree shares new romantic and smokey eye looks with her fans, so let's know her tips.

Blueliner with traditional

Many girls like the brown smokey eye look in the traditional look, but does it look good every time? This time if you want to try a new look with your traditional dress, then you can take the idea from this look of Debashree. Orange lipstick looks very beautiful with blue wing eyeliner and bold eyebrow looks. If you are going to wear white black or red dress, then you can try this look.

Dark brown smokey eye look

The brown smokey eye look looks very beautiful with a black, red, and white color dress. Debashree carries red lipstick with dark brown eyeshadow. If you want to highlight this look, you can apply light on the front and dark brown eyeshadow on the back. You can complete your look with black eyeliner, brown kajal, and red lipstick. You can also do pink blush and bold eyebrows if you want.

Treecolor eyeshadow look

Debashree Bhattacharya has applied an eyeshadow of three colors, which looks extremely different. If you want to recreate this look, you can apply Mint Green, then Yellow, and finally Dark Pink Eyeshadow. To highlight this look, avoid applying dark lipstick and apply brown mascara under the eyes. Apart from this, you can complete your look by applying bold eyebrows and mascara.

Party eye look

Debashree blends black eyeshadow with mint green color eyeshadow in this look. If you want to recreate such a look, apply Mint Green Eyeshadow on the front and Black on the back. After this, you can apply silver glitter and black kajal. This type of look looks great at a cocktail party and a get-together. You can carry this look with a black, red, brown or green dress.

Pink eyeliner look

If you are going to wear a white, peach, or light color dress, then this look of Debashree can be inspired. Apply a peach liner on the front of the eyes and make a pink-colored wing at the back. Now help Mascara complete the look by highlighting the eyelids. If you want, you can apply any light color lipstick, such as pink, peach, light brown, etc. You can make your eyebrow bold and you can make your look gorgeous by applying pink blush.

Image Credit: Instagram