Eye makeup Tips:- Eyeshadow will be very beautiful on deep skin tone if you will apply something like this


When we do makeup, we take special care of our skin tone, from the shade of the colors to the way of its application. If your skin tone is dusky, you will often have problems giving your eyeshadows a pop look. Women of such skin tone need to do their eye make-up very carefully.

If too bright and bold colors are chosen to give a pop look to eyeshadow, then it spoils the entire makeup look. On the other hand, subtle and muted shades do not highlight their eyes. In such a situation, you must pay a little attention to the way the Eyeshadow application works. If you apply eyeshadow a little differently then your eyes will look beautiful even in light shade. So let's know how to apply dusky skin tone women eyeshadow-

Make an eyelid base correctly

This is an amazing trick, with the help of which you can give your eyeshadows and iMakeups a beautiful look even in a dusky skin tone. By the way, using an eye primer before applying eyeshadow on the eyelid gives a smooth base, and eyeshadow is best applied. But if your skin tone is dusky, then you should apply it separately. For this, first of all, take a cotton ball and dip it in a little bit of mylar water, and swipe it on your eyelids to get rid of the extra oil. Now apply primer on your eyes and let it settle for a minute or two. Now hide the discoloration with the help of concealer on the eyelid. Now set it with the help of an eyeshadow color that is closest to your skin tone. If you make a base like this before applying eyeshadow, then you will see a huge difference.

Lay eyeshadow

Dusky Skin Tone Never applies dark eyeshadow. Instead, first of all, apply Matt Nude Eyeshadow on your entire lid. After this, you apply a light-dark shade. Lastly, you can apply Central Eyeshadow on your eyelid. The advantage of layering it by not applying a straight dark eyeshadow is that the result will be very neat and surprising.

Choose the right shade

By the way, this method of eyeshadow application gives your eyes an amazing and beautiful look. But if you want your eyes to look more beautiful then you must choose the right shade. Rich and vibrant shades look great on women of deep skin tone because they never look the opposite of your skin. So what is the delay, remove your eyeshadow palette and experiment with different colors. See how you get a different look every time.