Experts advise: Do not ignore long covid, this serious disease is seen after recovering from the infection


The effect of the second wave of Kovid infection is affecting various parts of the body. Due to this, many types of symptoms are seen in the infected. Experts say that those who are recovering from corona infection are also at risk of long covid. The effect of which can affect many parts of the body in the future. If you follow the advice of doctors, then such people should get their heart checked after recovering. Let us know how Kovid-19 can be related to the heart, while it is a respiratory disease?

Post-covid syndrome

According to health experts, the infection of Kovid-19, in general, is cured within a week to 14 days. But in some people, even after being cured, the infection can cause serious cardiovascular diseases. This condition is called post-covid syndrome or long covid. To confirm this, people who are cured are advised to undergo a heart test.

In a research published in the journal 'Circulation Research', scientists have reported that Kovid-19 is a disease related to vessels. SARS-COV-2 virus damages the vascular system. Uri Manor, assistant research professor at the Salk Institute in California, says that most people limit the corona to only respiratory disease but it is actually also a vascular disease.

Does Professor Manor say that if Kovid-19 were only respiratory-related, then the infected people would not have problems with stroke and other parts of the body? In another paper, experts said that symptoms of heart diseases can be seen in those who have been cured of Kovid as Long Kovid. The surprising thing is that many of these people did not have any heart disease before.

According to the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Long Kovid can occur to anyone, whether you have mild symptoms of Kovid-19 or none. According to experts, when people underwent imaging tests a few months after recovering from Kovid-19, there was a problem of damage to their heart muscles. Surprisingly, cases of damage to the heart muscle were also seen in people who had mild symptoms of Kovid-19.

Do a heart test

Experts say that during the early stages of the Kovid-19 pandemic, there were far more cases of heart attacks and strokes among the infected. This problem is still seen in people. Those who do not have regular check-ups, may not get these problems at the initial stage, so all people should get their heart checked a few months after the infection is cured.

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