Expert Tips: How to keep makeup from melting in summer expert tips


Melting of makeup is a common problem in summer; follow the tips given here to get rid of it and to make your makeup look perfect.

With temperatures exceeding 35 degrees and scorching sun, summer is finally about to arrive. The scorching heat and humidity in this season are ready to prank your skin, especially your makeup. No matter what your plans are for summer, surely you all will insist on persisting makeup even with sweat in this season. It is fair to say that melting makeup is one of the most adverse effects of summer.

The summer has begun and it is best that how you can prevent your beauty game from being ruined. To avoid all these side effects of heat, Auric Beauty's makeup experts are describing some ways to stop sweating in this article as well as some tricks that will make your makeup not melt with heat and sweat, and your Contouring, foundation, and highlighter will remain intact.

Prepare your skin

It is important to blot and tone your skin before applying any makeup on your skin. Using a toner that suits your skin type is the best way to prevent your makeup from melting. Remember, toner should be used before primer, sunscreen, or moisturizer. Makeup experts recommend the use of a toner that refreshes and hydrates the skin. You can also soak up the facial moisture completely by using face tissue.

Exfoliate the skin

Keeping your skin clean is one of the important factors to prevent your makeup from melting in the summer months. So you must include exfoliating the skin in your summer skincare routine. It helps you get rid of dead cells and before you apply makeup on your face, it is important to exfoliate the skin. The best option is to exfoliate the skin with a scrub that suits your skin type.

Choose the right primer

The best option is to use a primer designed for your skin type. A good primer sets the basis for your makeup and helps keep it in place. Try a makeup primer that is not long-lasting, but is waterproof and lightweight.

Avoid Heavy Foundation

The foundation indeed gives your face a flawless and clean texture, but applying them in the summer months can dehydrate your skin. Apart from this, it can also cause quite a mess when it mixes with your sweat. Try switching to oil-free and light products that are not heavy on your skin. Try not to use a heavy foundation.

Fix makeup with a face mist

Adding face mist to your summer makeup routine is another important factor that will prevent your makeup from melting during the warmer months. Once you give your makeup a final touch, simply spray on some facial gauze to lock in your makeup. Face Mist helps your makeup to last longer and it also has oil-absorbing properties.

Melting makeup is one of the biggest problems that you face during the summer season, especially if you are a makeup enthusiast and makeup is your hobby. These tips will add beauty to your beauty during the summer without worrying about your makeup melting.

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