Expert Tips: How to choose your bridal trousseau


Every girl has many dreams about her marriage. Especially in a wedding shopping, dress and luxe, there is an adjustment in every bride. You may not be very interested in shopping, but when it comes to bridal trousseau, every bride gets filled with mixed emotions. Dulhan also has a sentimental connection to his bridal trousers and is concerned that he will look beautiful in all his wedding and pre-wedding dresses. Now social media is the time and looking good in pictures is now becoming a necessity, not even a hobby.

In such a situation, I have many dreams that ask many questions about their wedding, pre-wedding, and post-wedding outfits. In such a situation, today I will tell you that what needs to be kept in mind while preparing your bridal trousseau.

Do planning in advance

As soon as the wedding date is fixed, the bride should first talk to her fashion designer or boutique designer and tell her what kind of wedding and pre-wedding dresses she wants to wear. Let us tell you that it can take from 2 weeks to 4 months for a wedding dress to be ready. In such a situation, it is very important for a designer to understand the feel and choice of his client and to prepare the outfit accordingly. For this, the designer needs a good time.

Do not go alone to the designer

It happens many times that the bride-to-be approaches the designer alone to fix her wedding outfits, so many times it happens that many people reach the designer with the bride. But the right way is not to go to the designer alone, but with someone who understands your choice and whom you can also trust. This also helps the designer to fix wedding dresses.

Do not copy anyone

It is often seen that the bride wants to wear a copy of the outfit worn by her favorite actress. But the outfit or design doesn't need to look good on anyone, it will also look good on you. Therefore, you must have a rough idea of ​​your outfit design, but it should not be a copy of anyone. You choose the outfit and design in which you look good.

Take care of fitting

When the bride-to-be goes to the designer to check the fitting of her bridal dress, she sometimes makes small mistakes, which makes her unaware that she will wear the outfit on the occasion. What will it look like so take special care of these things-

  • When going to check the fitting of the outfit, wear undergarments of the good and perfect fitting.
  • You should also do light makeup, it will tell you how graceful you will look in that outfit.
  • Always go to the fitting room with your heels. This will give you an accurate idea of ​​the length of the outfit.

Choose the right outfit

When choosing the outfits for your bridal trousers, keep in mind that in the future, they can restore the same outfits. If you spend so much money on designer clothes, then wearing them only once and hanging them in the wardrobe will not be the right decision. You should choose outfits that are detachable and can be paired with any other dress.

Keep these things in mind when you alter the outfit

If you are buying an outfit from a boutique or a designer showroom, then never buy an outfit that requires a lot of explanation. If you need to change a lot in an outfit, then obviously it will not suit you.

Take care of your budget

When you go to the designer to design your outfit, take care of your budget and also share it with the designer. Not only this, if you have any design thinking or have prepared a design for your wedding dress, then you should also share that with the designer.

Be flexible about your looks and outfits

It is not necessary that what you have thought should suit you in terms of fashion. Maybe the designer gives you even more options, in which you can look better. So keep yourself a little flexible and listen to the designer's opinion, because there is no end to creativity.

Give basic details

Share all the basic details related to your event, artwork, color, etc. with your designer. Doing this will help the designer to fix and prepare your outfit according to the occasion.

Be positive

Your positive to be very important. Do not pay attention to what people are saying. Listen to yourself and test yourself whether you look good in the dress you have chosen for yourself or not.

Anita Shah, Fashion Designer - Anita, who hails from a small part of Afghanistan, grew up in rich and vibrant culture and made fashion her passion. After getting acquainted with the unique style of her motherland, Anita felt that she should bring this style to everyone in the fashion world through stylish outfits. Anita's work is unique, she coordinates Indian embroidery with Western outfits in such a way that it becomes a masterpiece. Today, Anita has established her fashion brand 'Kaprapan's' in the fashion industry without any fashion schooling and training.

Image Credit: creations of Anaita, Kaprapan