Expert Health Tips: These 5 benefits will be from eating yogurt every day


Yogurt is used for many things in Indian kitchens. It not only improves the taste of food but is also very beneficial for health. You don't need to mix curd in something and eat it. If you consume one bowl of curd daily, you can have many health benefits.

In this regard, the Nutritionist poem Devgan states, 'There are many religious values ​​associated with curd in India. When someone is going to do auspicious work, they are fed yogurt. But it also has a connection to health. Curd not only pampers your test bud but also gives you many health benefits. It keeps your body cool especially during the summer season.

Not only this, but the poem also explains the benefits associated with curd and the right way to eat it.

Nutrients present in yogurt

  1. Protein - 5.25 grams
  2. Carbohydrate - 7.05g
  3. Calcium - 185 milligrams
  4. Magnesium - 15 milligrams
  5. Potassium - 235 milligrams
  6. Vitamin B-6- 0.049 milligram
  7. Vitamin A - 51 IU
  8. Sodium - 70

Benefits of eating yogurt every day

If you include yogurt in your diet daily then you will see 5 major changes in your body-

Keeps the digestive system healthy

The biggest benefit of eating yogurt is that it keeps your digestive system healthy. By eating yogurt, you get rid of many stomach problems. Yogurt can destroy the bacteria that damage the body. Some probiotics are also found in yogurt, which is very beneficial for health.

Makes the immunity system stronger

If your immune system is strong, then your body is capable of fighting any type of virus or infection. If you consume yogurt daily in your diet, then your body becomes very strong from inside and is ready to fight any infection.

Beneficial in weight loss

To lose weight, if you are tired of trying various diet plans and you have not benefited from anyone, then start eating yogurt daily. Yogurt contains nutrients such as calcium, potassium, magnesium, protein, vitamin-B, C, A, K, and E, which can be used to keep weight under control.

Makes bones strong

Yogurt is rich in calcium. Calcium is very beneficial for bone health. Especially if you have a problem with osteoporosis, then you should consume yogurt daily. Magnesium is also found in good quantity in yogurt, it also makes bones strong.

Makes the heart-healthy

Curd is very low in cholesterol and due to this, the blood pressure of the body remains under control. Even if you have hypertension, yogurt can be very beneficial for you. Therefore, you should consume yogurt regularly. This reduces your chances of getting heart-related diseases.

What is the right time to eat yogurt?

It is not possible to say scientifically that at what time one should not eat curd. But if you have a cold cough while eating curd at night, then you should include curd in the morning and afternoon diet.

How much yogurt to eat daily

Kavita says, 'If you do not eat 1 cup i.e. 250 grams daily, then 150 calories, 450 grams of calcium and 10 grams of protein will reach your body. That is why you must eat 1 cup of curd daily. If possible, you can also eat 2 cups of curd. '

Image Credit: Shutterstock, freepik