Expert Health Tips: Do you know that consuming mangoes at night can be harmful


Mango is consumed in abundance in summer. Mango, full of taste, is also beneficial for our health in many ways. Be it mango shake or juice, summer is enjoyed to the fullest by including all these food items in the diet. But have you ever thought that consuming mangoes at night can also prove to be harmful to our health?

Diet experts say that mainly consuming fruits during the day is beneficial for health. The right time to eat fruit is two hours after breakfast. That is, the time after breakfast and between lunch is good to eat any fruit. Consuming fructose found in fruits at night can prove to be harmful to the body, as they weaken the digestion process. Mainly mango should not be consumed even at night, otherwise, it can harm instead of proving beneficial for health. Let's learn from Fat to Slim Group's Celebrity International Dietitian and Nutritionist ShikhaA Sharma, what can be the harm of eating mangoes at night.

Mango can cause gas problem

Eating mango at night can cause gas problems. Being high in calories, mangoes take a long time to digest. When it is consumed at night, it can cause gas and acidity in the stomach due to slow digestion. Often people drink mango or mango shake at night which is good in taste, but it can cause a long-lasting gas problem.

Mango can become the cause of skin rashes

Mango is mainly a fruit found in summer but it gives heat to the body instead of coolness. Therefore, if you consume more mangoes at night, then the heat in the body can increase. Body heat due to skin allergies and Rasejh in Rasejh (skin removed to fix) may occur. Eating mango at night can also cause fever or hives. Hives are a skin condition that causes skin rashes, itching, and redness. This problem occurs due to the consumption of certain foods at an inappropriate time. Mango contains a chemical called urushiol. It causes a skin problem in which the skin becomes inflamed and the skin becomes flaky, itchy, and blistered.

Mango can cause vomiting problem

Excessive consumption of mangoes at night can also cause problems like stomach upset and vomiting. Common in some people can cause anaphylactic shock. It is an allergic reaction that includes symptoms of nausea, vomiting, shock, etc. People with sensitive health may also have problems like allergies or sore throat due to its consumption at night.

A common cause of indigestion maybe

Eating mangoes at night can spoil the digestive system. Consuming it at night often leads to sour belching and can cause indigestion due to slowing the digestion process. Eating mango at night can cause diarrhea. Therefore, it is always advisable to consume this fruit in moderation and only during the day. Mango is a fruit rich in fiber and excessive consumption of fibrous fruits can also cause problems of diarrhea.

Mango can become the reason for increasing weight

Mango is high in calories, due to which eating it at night can lead to weight gain. An average-sized mango contains 150 calories. So if you are controlling your weight then do not consume it at night. Also, if you are consuming it even during the day, then do not consume too much mango at once.

Due to all the above-mentioned reasons, consuming mango at night can prove to be harmful. Therefore, whenever you consume it, do it keeping in mind the time so that there is no health problem. Also, if you have any health-related problem, then definitely consult a specialist before consuming it.

Image Credit: freepik and shutterstock