Expert Haircare Tips:-tips: Excessive use of henna in hair can be harmful, know-how


You must have used henna for conditioning your hair or for coloring your hair at one time or another. While henna gives natural color to the hair, on one hand, it is also used to enhance the beauty of the hair. But have you ever thought that the henna you use can have many side effects as well?

Yes, excessive use of henna can not only damage your hair but can also cause hair fall. However, if you grind henna leaves and use them, then it is not much harmful to your hair. But mainly henna powder can cause hair damage. Let us get to know from Monika Rana, Beauty Expert, Beauty Zone Salon, Greater Noida, how the use of henna on the hair causes side effects on the scalp along with hair damage.

The use of henna causes split ends of hair

Generally, not taking proper care of the hair can cause split ends or split ends of the hair. When you use henna in your hair, it reduces the moisture from the hair and makes the hair dry. Due to the drying of hair due to henna, the problem of split hair comes to the fore. It is advised not to use it on hair continuously and in short intervals. Beauty expert Monica says that due to the presence of chemical-rich henna powder in the market, it mainly takes away the natural shine along with coloring the hair and makes the hair excessively dry, due to which the problem of hair loss starts.

Expert Tip: If you use henna in your hair, then you should avoid using it continuously. At the same time, yogurt, tea leaf water, or olive oil can also be added to reduce dryness. But never mix lemon juice in henna; it can dry the hair more.

Mehndi can be the reason for dryness of the scalp

There are many harmful ingredients present in henna powder available in the market which can cause dryness of not only hair but also the scalp. Hair often starts itching after applying henna, which is due to dryness of the scalp. The use of henna also leads to the formation of dry patches in the hair scalp, which can also damage the hair. Itching after the use of henna. sometimes leads to deep wounds in the scalp, which heal in a long time and weaken the hair roots, which is the main cause of hair loss.

Expert Tip: If you apply henna on hair, then you should keep in mind that, never apply henna on the scalp and hair roots. Use henna only in the upper parts of the hair.

There is no color in the hair with henna

Nowadays hair coloring has not only become a fashion but is also a status symbol. Especially girls do different colors to enhance the beauty of the hair, but if henna have been used on the hair, then any desired color cannot be added to the hair. Even if the hair is colored with henna, it does not give the perfect color look to the hair.

Expert Tip: If you want to color your hair, then do not use henna on your hair for at least 3 months.

Hair rebonding can be a problem due to the effect of henna.

Beauty expert Monica explains that when henna is used on hair, it can dry and damage the hair for a long time. In such hair, when you get hair treatments like rebonding or keratin, then their effect on the hair is not able to be done properly. Not only this, if you use henna in the hair after getting a keratin treatment, then it can also damage the hair by reducing its effect.

Expert Tip: Do not use henna on your hair for at least 2 months before and 8 months after rebonding. If you have used henna on the hair, then do not take any hair treatment for some time and give time for the effect of henna on the hair to wear off.

Due to the above-mentioned reasons, excessive use of henna in hair can also reduce the beauty of your hair instead of enhancing it. Therefore, before using it, please consult an expert.

Image Credit: freepik, unsplash and pixabay