Expert Haircare Tips: Apply this homemade mask to strengthen your hair


Every woman wants her hair to look beautiful and people look up to her and compliment her. But due to poor lifestyle and food habits, the health of hair is greatly affected. It is far from being long and thick; there is no strength in hair. This causes hair fall problems.

Beauty products are not only enough to deal with the hair fall problem, but for this, you also need to give hair extra care. You can give her natural treatment at home for extra hair care.

Famous beauty expert Bharti Taneja has shared a post on her Instagram account, in which she has talked about applying a fenugreek mask on her hair. Along with this, he has explained the method and benefits of making fenugreek hair masks. If you also want to make your hair strong then try this hair mask once.

Fenugreek hair mask

You grains of fenugreek from easy at-home hair masks hair could set is


  • 4 tablespoons fenugreek seeds
  • 2 tablespoons coconut milk
  • Water as required

Method to prepare

  • First of all, soak fenugreek seeds in water overnight.
  • Now wake up in the morning and sieve the fenugreek seeds and do not discard the water.
  • Then grind the fenugreek seeds in a grinder and prepare a fine paste.
  • After this, you add coconut milk in fenugreek paste.
  • Now apply this homemade paste to the hair.
  • Later wash the hair with fenugreek water.

How to apply the fenugreek hair pack

  1. To apply fenugreek hair pack, first, wash the hair with shampoo.
  2. When the hair is dry, apply a fenugreek hair pack.
  3. Apply this hair pack to the hair roots and length with the help of a hairbrush.
  4. Now cover your hair with a shower cap.
  5. After 1 hour you can wash your hair with normal water or fenugreek water.
  6. Once a week, if you apply this hair pack to your hair, then your hair will become strong and long.

How to apply fenugreek hair pack in hair

You can apply a fenugreek hair pack on any type of hair, but it is best for dry hair. Fenugreek hair pack is also very beneficial for curly hair. By applying it to the hair, their growth gets better.

Benefits of fenugreek for hair-

  1. Fenugreek contains plenty of protein. It provides proper nutrition to the hair, which is beneficial for their good growth.
  2. Fenugreek contains a fat called lecithin, which makes hair strong and moisturizes them.
  3. If you have a dandruff problem, then applying a fenugreek hair pack will reduce it.
  4. Fenugreek hair pack is also very beneficial for scalp health. The emollients present in it soften the skin of the scalp.
  5. Fenugreek is anti-fungal. If there is any kind of infection on the scalp, then the fenugreek pack removes it.

Image Credit: helloglow. co, makeupandbeauty, freepik