Expert advice: Corona patients should take special care of these things at home, recovery may occur soon


The second wave of the Corona epidemic is causing huge devastation in the country. Every day more than two lakh people are getting infected and thousands of people are dying, due to which the health system has severely crumbled. The beds of the hospitals are not empty so that corona patients can be admitted. However, patients are in need of hospitalization only in critical condition. Doctors and experts say that if you have been mildly infected with Corona, you can recover quickly by staying home and paying attention to a few things. The World Health Organization believes the same.

Recognize the symptoms of corona

If you have a fever, a cold, a sore throat, a persistent cough, the taste of the mouth, and the ability to smell are gone, there is difficulty in breathing, tiredness, headache, and body pain. First, you should isolate yourself, because these are all symptoms of the corona. In such a situation you should have a corona test and since all these are involved in mild symptoms of the corona, you do not need any special treatment, but you can be cured at home too. You just need to take a doctor from time to time.

How to be in self-isolation?

If you are infected, then stay in such a room of the house which is ventilated i.e. it has windows and ventilation. You can separate your own utensils, do not share them with anyone, and do not let any member of the house come into your room nor do you go out anywhere. You can keep in touch with them through social media. Take maximum rest, eat a healthy diet and take medicines on the advice of the doctor. The doctor suggests that the isolation period should be at least 14 days, although you need to consult a doctor about this.

Keep these things in mind in self-isolation

Wear a mask and if not wearing, then put a handkerchief or tissue paper on the mouth while coughing or sneezing. Wash hands periodically with soap water. Also keep in mind that if you have touched your nose or mouth, do not forget to completely sanitize the hands.

Do not share the bathroom

If you are in self-isolation then it is important that you use a separate bathroom and do not share it with anyone. Clean the bathroom after using it. However, if you assume that you have only one bathroom in your house and it is used by all family members, then try to get the infected person to use it last and then sanitize the bathroom properly so that other members of the house get the infection There is no danger of

When may need to go to the hospital?

Some symptoms of the coronavirus are also serious, which may need to be seen immediately. This includes difficulty in breathing, reduced oxygen level, chest pain, blue lips, etc. If you see such symptoms, then you should immediately contact the doctor and take any action according to them.

Note: Dr. Parvesh Malik is a Physician and currently employed at Ujala Cygnus Maharaja Agrasen Hospital, Panipat. Dr. Malik has completed his ABBS from Maharishi Markandeshwar Institute of Health Sciences and Research Mullana, Haryana. He also did MD in General Medicine. Prior to working at Ujala Cygnus Maharaja Agrasen Hospital, Panipat, Dr. Parvesh worked as a Junior Resident at the MM Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Maharishi Markandeswar University.

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