Excess of tomato is harmful to health, know and be careful


Tomatoes are included in vegetables and diets, which prove to be very effective. Tomato intake is considered good in increasing blood and increasing hemoglobin. Tomatoes are also included in salads. Many people need tomatoes in every vegetable. But it is said that neither of these things proves to be harmful. Yes, high consumption of tomatoes can also harm your health. So let us know how the loss of tomatoes can cause damage.

Stomach problem

Experts say that eating tomatoes keep the digestive system right, but at the same time, they also say that consuming it in large quantities can also cause problems. According to an expert website providing information related to health, excessive consumption of tomatoes can cause diarrhea and vomiting.

Allergy problem

According to research, excessive consumption of tomatoes can cause mouth and throat irritation. Due to this, some people may also have rashes, skin rashes, itching, and swelling on the face.

Headache or vertigo problem

According to experts, experts say that excessive consumption of tomatoes can lead to headaches or vertigo. This has also been confirmed in a study done in Iran. If you are struggling with a migraine problem, you should either not consume tomatoes or consume them in moderation.

bladder infection

According to the US-based Cleveland Clinic, tomatoes are high in acid, so high amounts of it cause bladder irritation. If you are already struggling with the problem of bladder infection then you should not consume tomato more, else it can increase your problem further.