Everyone would like to work as a housekeeper with a salary of Rs 18 lakh, know who is giving this opportunity


Everyone wants to do a good job in education and in which he will get a fat salary. But if you get more salary than a lot of education in a housekeeper job. Yes, one such job has been taken out by the British royal family where the housekeeper is looking for, and for this, he will be given an initial salary of Rs 18.5 lakh, provided that he has to meet all the criteria. Information about this job has been given on the official website of the royal family, 'The Royal Household'. The last date to apply is November 1. Interviews will be held on November 2.

According to the information given on 'The Royal Household', this is a Level 2 Apprenticeship job, whose post is named Housekeeping Assistant. The selected candidate for this job will have to work in Windsor Castle (Palace), UK. There will be five days of work a week and two days off. Apart from this, the selected person will also get 33 days holiday in a year (including bank holidays) separately.

Apart from the salary, the living expenses of the selected candidate will also be paid by the British royal family. Not only this, but travel expenses in the job will also be available separately. The most important thing is that for the job, the candidate must be proficient in English and Mathematics.

The candidate selected for this job will be given training for the first 13 months. He would then be hired by the royal family as a permanent employee. During the work, he will also be transferred to different residences of the royal family, including Buckingham Palace.

The main job of the person selected for this job will be the cleanliness in the interiors of the royal palaces. At the same time, he also has to ensure the care of the items inside the palace. For your information, let us know that hundreds of people work in the royal palaces of Britain and the salary of all of them is very good.