Even after sitting in the toilet for hours, the stomach is not clean, so try these 5 household tips


Cleanliness of the stomach is very important for internal cleansing of the body, but some people complain of not having a clean stomach even after spending hours in the toilet ...

Doesn't your stomach become clean even after sitting in the toilet for hours and in such a way you feel strange all day, then don't need to worry because today we have brought some tremendous home remedies for you, which help your stomach to sit in the toilet Will be cleared You might not believe it. But it is possible after adopting these domestic measures. Let us know which are these domestic tips which will give you relief from this problem.

A friend of mine had the same problem. Either his stomach was not cleaned properly or was always poorly. Nowadays it has become a common problem. Due to today's busy lifestyle, pizza, bread, burger etc. have taken the place of food. But it takes a long time to digest. Due to this, problems like indigestion in the stomach, stomach not being properly cleaned, getting spoiled, sour belching etc. are started. While it is very important to clean the stomach for internal cleansing of the body, but some people complain of not having a clean stomach even after spending hours in the toilet. Because of not being able to clean the stomach, restlessness persists throughout the day and toxins start collecting in the stomach that is different. In such a situation, it is very important to clean the stomach daily in the morning. For more information about this, we have Simran Saini, the dietician of Fortis Hospital in Shalimar. Then he told us about 5 domestic measures. Let us know which these home remedies are.


Everyone knows that water is the nectar for our health. Hence it is advisable to drink 8-10 glasses of water daily. Yes, water is most beneficial in detoxing the body properly. Those who have a problem of not having a clean stomach should drink plenty of water throughout the day. Drinking lukewarm water in the morning is very beneficial. After waking up in the morning drink 1 lukewarm water, then go to the restroom. This will clean your stomach properly. If you want, you can drink it by adding 1 lid of Gorak. After doing this remedy for a few days, your stomach will start clearing immediately.


If you want that your stomach clears easily and quickly instead of sitting in the toilet for hours in the morning, then garlic should be eaten in the food. Yes, garlic has anti-inflammatory properties that soften the hard stool and easily exclude it from your intestines. You can roast it or eat it raw. It is beneficial for your body in many ways.

Apple vinegar

Apple vinegar helps in clearing your stomach along with eliminating many problems. If you want your stomach to be clean and do not have to sit in the toilet for long, you can take apple vinegar for this. It has the power to remove your chronic constipation by correcting the digestion. Yes, its medicinal properties work as a panacea for every stomach problem. You have to mix 2 teaspoons in half cup of water in the morning and evening before eating apple vinegar daily.


Yoghurt is considered a panacea for the stomach. Bacteria which are beneficial for keeping the stomach clean and which are also important for our intestines are found in bacteria curd. The deficiency of those bacteria is overcome by eating curd. This keeps the stomach right. You can take curd, buttermilk etc. to keep your stomach healthy.


Isabgol is an effective Ayurvedic herb, which is considered to be very beneficial for a variety of diseases related to digestion. Yes, because of its excellent properties, Isabgol is considered very effective in many stomach related problems. Isabgol is an easy, inexpensive and natural remedy for people who have problems like constipation or stomach upset, intestinal diseases, bad digestion. Isabel's effect is cold, it clears the stomach by removing the faeces trapped in the intestines of the stomach.

So what is the delay if your stomach is not clean even after sitting for hours in the morning, then try these tips and get the stomach clean immediately. Stay connected with life to get more such information.