Even after applying all kinds of face packs, there is a lack of beauty on the face, so are you doing these mistakes too?


For most women, the definition of beauty is a fair complexion and flawless skin. Those who are fair try to get spotless skin and those whose complexion is dark or dark, they keep trying to maintain both of them. For which the trial of various treatments in the parlor and home remedies continues. Facepack can fulfill both of these wishes provided you have a little knowledge about your skin type as well as the mistakes made while applying it. So today we will talk about this so that next time you can take care of these things and then see their effect.

1. Do not scrub the face

If the face pack is applied well, but after drying, most of the women start cleaning the face by rubbing it, which is the first mistake. After drying the face pack, lightly soak the face with water, then remove it with light hands or clean the face by massaging it with rose water in hands.

2. Do not talk after applying face pack

After applying the face pack, lie down comfortably on the sofa or bed till it dries. There is every possibility of getting wrinkles on the face by talking after applying it. To avoid this mistake.

3. It is wrong to use hot water to wash the face

Always use normal water to remove the face pack from the face. Even though the weather is cold, hot, or lukewarm water is not right for the face. Wash face with normal water only.

4. Know the time to keep the face pack

Do not keep any face pack for more than 10-15 minutes. Sometimes we keep it for 20-25 minutes during work, sometimes for more and quicker effect, which is wrong. After applying for a long time, it absorbs the moisture of the face, due to which the skin starts pulling. Which can cause dryness, rashes, and itching.