Enhancing the Nails for the beauty of hands, so keep in mind these things otherwise it will harm your health


Nowadays girls are fond of enhancing nails to make hands beautiful. The well-set nails and colorful nail polish on them look quite beautiful. But do you know that these enlarged nails also work to spoil the health? Therefore, to stay healthy, people often recommend keeping the nails short. So let's know what are the things related to nails that are very important to know.

Long nails are more prone to dirt. At the same time, there are deadly bacteria in these nails which often cause serious infections in the body. Many times health experts see that dirty nails are the cause of stomach infection, vomiting, and diarrhea.

Especially the nails of young children should be taken care of very much. Because their nails are very dirty and their health is at risk.

Nailpolish and nail remover are used in many ways to make the nails look beautiful. Which contains a chemical called acetone. Which is harmful to health. At the same time, due to this chemical, the nervous system of pregnant women is damaged.

Therefore it is important to take special care of the nails. On the other hand, if you are using nail polish and nail on them, then always use high-quality products. Because cheap and low-quality beauty products use a lot of harmful chemicals. Those who work to harm health.