Economic plight: sweets and food are not available in this country to open Rosa, people are breaking fast by eating onions


Ramadan is a culinary festival of Muslims. All Muslims worship Allah by keeping Roza in it. During this time, they eat and drink from sunrise to dusk in the evening without eating anything. The month of Ramadan has started all over the world. In such a situation, news has come out from Lebanon, after knowing that you will also become emotional. The Syrian people seeking refuge in Lebanon are not even having the food and sweets to open the Roza. They have to open their fast by eating onions.

The situation here has become so bad that people are not getting good food and sweets to open their fast after Ramadan. All these people are Syrian refugees, who have migrated here due to the ongoing planetary war in Syria. While in many places people open Roza in the evening with good food and delicious sweets. At the same time, Syrian refugees in Lebanon have to open their rosa by eating onions.

A woman Abeid told that "This is our most difficult Ramadan ever. We are not getting the right food to open the fast. We need more nutritious food in the month of Ramadan so that our health Could be alright. We can't find anything like that. Seeing all this, I have given up. "

At the same time, her husband Raid Pea said - "The food prices here are very high. Because of this, we are not able to buy them. We have to starve all day. We need to eat something to open a fast. So we They open their rosa by eating onions. "

For your information, let us know that Lebanon is trapped in a deep economic crisis. More than 1 million refugees from Syria are living in this country. The corona hit from above has derailed its economy completely.