Eating raisins in yogurt will benefit your health, learn from RujutaDivekar


It happens many times that even after having lunch, there is hunger before evening tea time. In such a situation, people usually eat unhealthy snacks or fried foods and calm their hunger. But it reduces hunger but it is very harmful to the body.

To clear up the post-lunch staging in the afternoon, celebrity nutritionist RujutaDivekar has shared a post on her Instagram account, in which she has spoken of eating yogurt and raisins as a mid-day meal. Rujuta has also told when and how to eat curd and raisins and how you can make it easily at home.

So let's know what benefits you will get by eating raisins in curd.

Should you eat yogurt in winter

People generally believe that eating curd in the winter season can cause cold-cough because the curd is cold. But Rujuta says, "Eating curd in winter does not harm health." Yes, yogurt should be made at home and fresh. ' If you eat yogurt in winter in this way, then it will benefit you.

Along with this, Rujuta says that it is best that you mix yogurt with full-fat milk and it is even more beneficial if the milk is from cow or buffalo.

Learn the benefits of eating curd mixed with curd

1. It promotes the growth of good bacteria in the body.

2. If there is any swelling in the stomach, eating curd and raisins is beneficial.

3. Eating curd and raisins also make your teeth and gums strong.

4. If your bones and joints are weak then you should include curd and raisins in your diet regularly.

5. Curd and raisins are very beneficial in reducing weight and controlling increased blood pressure.

6. You can add black or green raisins to curd, both of these are beneficial. But if you add black raisins, it helps your health more. Black raisins are an immunity booster. It is also beneficial for the skin and keeps cholesterol in balance.

7. People who have PCOD problems, thyroid, or diabetes can also consume curd and raisins.

When to eat curd and raisins

The best time to eat curd-raisins is to eat it as a mid-day meal around 3-4 pm. This will also relieve you of the post-lunch munching. Also, take care that you do not put too many raisins in a bowl of curd. The best is that you eat only 5-6 raisins in a bowl of curd.

How to prepare Curd-Raisin Recipe

Rujuta has explained in an easy way to make curd-raisins at home-

  • First, take hot full-fat milk in a bowl.
  • Add 5-6 black raisins to this milk.
  • Now add a drop of curd or buttermilk key.
  • After this, mix the milk well.
  • Best to mix it 32 times.
  • Now keep it covered for 8-12 hours.
  • When its top layer thickens, you can consume it.

You can also include curd-raisins in your mid-day meal.