Eating curd - Chivda in breakfast stomach gets fine, It is very easy to digest


Curd and Chivda are consumed in many places across the country. It is consumed in large quantities in Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, and Jharkhand. There are many beliefs associated with the consumption of curd - Chivda. Nowadays people like to take oats etc. for breakfast. In such a situation, curd-chivda is a healthy meal that you should include in your breakfast because it gives many benefits to the body compared to other breakfasts. Eating only one bowl of curd-chivda fills your stomach.

Treatment of bad stomach

If you have a bad stomach which means you are already suffering from diarrhea or constipation, then you should eat curd-chivda. At such a time, keep in mind that do not accidentally add sugar with curd-chivda. You should use jaggery instead of sugar. If you want, you can also put a banana in it, by doing this you get even better results.

Get rich fiber

It is said about Chivda that it is full of benefits. When Chivda is consumed with curd it becomes even healthier. It is a good diet to keep the intestines healthy. If you want to lose weight, then regularly consume curd-chivda. Both jaggery and yogurt help in losing weight.

Calories are low

The good thing about curd- Chivda is that it also has low calories. It contains only 300 calories, as well as a large number of nutrients that meet the requirements of the body. So to lose weight, it is very important to include it in your diet. Many people consume it even in the evening. You can eat it anytime according to your convenience.


A good amount of iron is found in curd-chivda. If your body is deficient in iron, then add curd-chivda to your diet. Pregnant women can also eat yogurt and chivda easily. Consumption of this will not cause any harm to them. Consumption of curd- Chivda also aversions of diseases like anemia. Therefore all the members of the household should eat it.