Easy solution: try these home remedies if you have a closed nose and phlegm, soon you will get rest


Nowadays as soon as there is a problem of closed nose or phlegm, every person gets upset. Now, as before, these minor problems cannot be ignored and according to the time that is going on at the moment, one should not be negligent towards them. But it is also not good to panic when a little nose is closed, considering it as a corona. Drinking cold water in sweat and water can also cause this problem.

Black tea and honey

If you have a closed nose, instead of drinking milk tea, consume black tea. Mix honey in hot black tea and drink it after blowing it. You will start feeling better after drinking hot tea. Along with opening the closed nose, this simple remedy will also clean your throat completely and if you are having any kind of problem in the nose due to dust and dirt, then it will also be cured.

Celery packet

If you have any doubt about the consumption of something or if you do not want to eat something, then you have this remedy in case of nose jam and mucus problem. Bake celery slightly on the griddle and then make a bundle of it. Put this bundle of hot celery on the chest and press it lightly, by doing this, your mucus problem will go away. A smelling celery bundle will also open the nose. Keep the bundle in your hand throughout the day, so that you can smell it again and again.

Milk and ginger

Consumption of milk is forbidden in the case of mucus problems or having a closed nose because the intake of milk sometimes increases the quantity of phlegm in the body and hence it is forbidden to drink. But if the milk is boiled on gas after adding ginger and turmeric for a while, it also proves very beneficial. Therefore, you must consume milk in this way. Also, keep in mind that do not consume it more than twice in summer.

Nilgiri oil

Eucalyptus oil can also help in getting rid of this problem. It is also very easy to use. Heat the eucalyptus oil a little and drip a few drops of it in your nose at bedtime. Eucalyptus oil does not cause any damage to the nose and if you do not want to use it in this way, then pour a few drops of it in hot water and bring steam.

Note- This article has been prepared on the basis of a conversation with Rajat Salunke, a doctor at Ashtavinayak Clinic. Doctor Rajat Salunke has been practicing for the last 13 years. He holds his degree from Karamveer Venkatrao Tanaji Randhir Ayurved College, Maharashtra.

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