Dry or oily, follow this routine for glowing skin


Everyone has different skin types, such as more dry or oily or sensitive. But despite this, everyone likes glowing and fresh skin-

Not only in winter, but some people's skin is always more dry or oily. But it does not matter what the type of our skin is, it is important that everyone likes glowing and soft skin. Many people have such skin, on which there are always red spots or rash. To correct them, we adopt all kinds of home remedies and beauty products, but there is no significant change. Here we will tell you how you can take care of it according to your skin type.

For normal skin

Often people who have normal skin do not do much for skincare. It is not necessary that if your skin is normal, it will not need care. If your skin is also normal, then it is very important to apply moisturizer and sunscreen after bathing in the morning. Wash face before bed and apply under eye serum, which works to make skin glowing and soft. For this, you should use a vitamin-C serum and finally sleep with a moisturizer.

Oily and acne-prone skin

It is often seen in oily skin that problems of stains or red spots persist. To avoid these, you should use a foaming cleanser twice a day. For oily skin, you can choose a cleanser containing aloe vera or T-tree oil, as it removes your face dirt easily. Use an alcohol-free toner and use a gel-based moisturizer. A simple moisturizer makes your skin more oily.

For Dry Skin

For dry skin, you should use creamy face-wash, which does not contain any fragrance. If your skin is dry, fruit scrub should be avoided, as it makes the skin drier. Also, use a vitamin-C serum and shi butter moisturizer. After bathing in the morning, you should apply more creamy and nourishing moisturizer, which will keep the skin balanced and glowing throughout the day.

Sensitive skin

Alcohol and fragrance-free moisturizer should always be used for sensitive skin. Clean the sensitive skin with a non-cleansing cleanser, which will keep the skin healthy. If your skin is sensitive, you do not need to apply scrub or toner. Instead of applying a cream, choose a balm or moisturizer that will fill the cream shortage and be healthy. Always apply sunscreen after bathing and protect the face from the sun before going out.

Keep these things in mind

Changing the skincare routine is a better option and you should wait for its results. Sometimes our skin changes due to the weather, like in the winter the skin becomes mostly dry. Any skincare routine takes 6-8 weeks to show its result. You should always use light products on your skin, which never cause harm. People of any skin type need to stay hydrated, which keeps the skin healthy.

Image Credit: Instagram, freepik