Drink this amount of ladyfinger water daily to control instant sugar


Diabetes is spreading its feet very fast. India has the largest number of diabetic patients. For this, India is called the capital of diabetes. According to the World Diabetes Association, it will take a terrible form in the coming time. According to experts, once diabetes is diagnosed, it stays together for life. In this disease, abstinence along with medicine is very important. Especially abstinence from sweet things is mandatory. If you are also a diabetic patient and want to control sugar, then definitely include ladyfinger in the diet. Some research has revealed that okra can prove to help control sugar. Sugar remains under control by its consumption. Come, let's know everything about it-

In research published on rfppl.co.in, it has been claimed that sugar remains under control by consuming okra. This research has been done in several villages of Puducherry. Diabetes patients from five villages were included in this research. The people involved in this research were divided into two groups. The members of the first team were advised to drink 50 grams of amla juice daily for three months.

At the same time, people in the second team were advised to drink 50 grams of lady's finger water daily for three months. For this, the other team was asked to soak one or two ladyfingers in about a glass of water every night before sleeping. The next morning it was advised to drink okra water. According to this research, when the sugar level was measured after three months, there was a decrease in the sugar level. For this, researchers recommend diabetic patients drink okra water. Eating okra also helps in controlling instant sugar. To control sugar, diabetic patients drink 50 grams of lady's water daily.

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