Dream Fruit: If you are having bad dreams while sleeping, then do these remedies immediately


Through dream science, the study of dreams and the dream fruit are considered. We have many kinds of dreams while sleeping. Some of these dreams are auspicious and some dreams indicate inauspicious events. Many times we have a bad dream while sleeping and our sleep opens.

According to Agnipuran, if one starts sleeping due to nightmares, he should go to sleep again immediately. By doing this, that dream is removed from the mind. On waking up in the morning, the midnight dreams are not remembered and with a calm mind, the native can start his day.

According to dream science, it is believed that man has good or bad dreams according to his deeds. But by doing service to Brahmins, man gets freedom from his deeds and his dream defect is also destroyed. The problem of nightmares can also be avoided by worshiping a worthy Brahmin and donating it.

According to the scriptures, due to Vastu Dosha at home, there is also a dream defect and nightmares. Actually, negative energy living around our house leads to ominous dreams. It is very important to keep negative energies away from home for the peace and happiness of the home. The Vastu of the house should be fixed and the Havan should be done in the house.

According to the scriptures, nightmares should be forgotten at the same time, it should not be mentioned to anyone. By doing this, the man keeps thinking about the same thing again and again. The incident in the dream does not get out of his mind and the man keeps on remembering that dream again and again.

According to the scriptures, worshiping the Sun God regularly does not lead to nightmares. Sun God should give water at the time of sunrise. It is said that the drops of water that touch the body of a human being when they offer water to the sun, purify the body and mind of man.