Don't be careless towards your skin, it can make your face look old.


Sometimes pigmentation occurs on the face in such a way that it does not heal even after a lot of struggle and we start looking 10 years old, so how to avoid it as well as what to do to get healthy skin, read this to know Article.

1. Home lights are the reason: Many times people do not know how harmful the fluorescent light they are exposing is to the skin. Laptops, tablets, phone screens, indoor fluorescent bulbs, etc. are more prone to hyperpigmentation of the skin. Make sure to go under the sun for a while and let the natural light in the skin be absorbed.

2. Exfoliating: Exfoliation is important in the skincare routine, but this does not mean that you exfoliate it excessively. If there is acne skin, then this problem will be even more. Our skin becomes dirty due to bacteria and any other pollutants and needs to be cleaned, but if cleaning is done more than necessary then it can also cause damage. Excessive exfoliation can cause hyperpigmentation. According to experts, exfoliation is sufficient for dry skin twice a week and oily skin once a week.

3. Do not touch pimples: Even if the acne does not grow, it causes hyperpigmentation and acne spots. Do not touch them.

4. Not using sunscreen: Use sunscreen. Apply sunscreen again in about 3-4 hours. Do apply under the eyes especially.

5. Night skincare routine: A night skincare routine works effectively on our skin, it makes the skin blossom. Some products may irritate the skin - such as acidic toner, to avoid it.