Doing this at home can avoid corona virus! Click here and know


Corona virus infection is increasing rapidly in the country. Now the number of infected people in India has reached close to eight lakhs. Even after several months, no country has been able to vaccine this disease.

Now, the same questions are arising in the minds of the people that when will the world get treatment for this disease and how can the corona virus infection be avoided.

By the way, in astrology, there are some ways to control this disease. Astrologers also believe that corona disease can be avoided only by following the guidelines issued by the government, including social distance. He also believed that by burning camphor regularly in the house, a person can protect himself from corona.

According to astrology, in the houses where camphor smoke is done regularly three to four times, the effect of microbes is very less in those places. It is believed that camphor smoke purifies the atmosphere as far as it goes. Thus we can protect ourselves from corona by using camphor at home.

Significantly, the number of people infected with the corona virus in the country has now reached 7,93,802. In the last one day, 26,506 new cases have been reported in India.