Does Cadbury's Chocolate Contain Beef? Eventually, the company had to tell the truth


New Delhi: There was a constant ruckus on social media that Cadbury chocolate contains beef. Many people were claiming this by tweeting. But does Cadbury's chocolate contain beef content? Cadbury's Boycott campaign (#BoycottCadbury) started running on social media. But this discussion took a new turn when Cadbury India tweeted its stand in the matter.

Cadbury clarified on its own Twitter (@DairyMilkIn) that its products are 100 percent 'veg' and that people should do a thorough fact check before sharing any kind of information.

Cadbury India said, “The screenshots being shared in the tweet are not about Mondelez/Cadbury India products made in India. All the products manufactured and sold in India are 100% vegetarian and the green dots on the wrappers confirm this.