Doctors said, In this way remove weakness after corona


Corona's havoc in the country is not taking its name. Increasing cases have shaken the country's health system. Due to the new strains of Kovid, people are facing all kinds of problems. Not only this, those who are also recovering from corona are experiencing body pain and weakness for a long time. How can these problems be handled post-covid? Let us know from the experts in this regard.

in the discussion on the corona epidemic on Thursday, we experts tried to find out about this topic. During this, Dr. Amod Kumar, a pathologist from Delhi AIIMS, and Dr. Gaurav Kamra answered all the questions.

What to do after the corona report is negative?

In response to this question, Dr. Amod says that during the fight with corona, there is a lot of consumption of micronutrients in our body, which is why people feel a lot of weakness even after recovering. It may take one to two months to recover from this weakness. In such a situation, people need to take complete rest and pay special attention to food and drink.

How to overcome weakness?

To overcome the weakness that people are facing after recovery from corona, Dr. Gaurav says that such people should first pay special attention to a balanced and nutritious diet. Apart from this, exercises, especially breathing and exhalation exercises must be done. People should practice long breathing with their mouth shut for 10 to 15 minutes daily.

How about food

Dr. Amod says that after recovering from corona, people should consume food that is rich in protein. Pulses, eggs, cheese, milk and fruits must be consumed. If you are taking a diet with proper nutrients then there is no need for vitamin pills and supplements. Try to replenish nutrients from food, not medicines.

Note: This article has been prepared on the basis of a conversation with Dr. Amod Kumar, Pathologist of Delhi AIIMS and Dr. Gaurav Kamra.

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