Do you know why the bottle of Beer is mostly green or brown? 


Beer lovers will find you in every corner of the world. Beer is the oldest alcoholic drink in the world. But do you know why the beer bottle is mostly green or brown?

Source: thesun

Previously beer was sold only in glass bottles. But later it was seen that harmful UV rays emitted from the rays of the sun are causing harm to the beer. Due to these rays of the sun, both the taste and color of the beer change.

To solve this problem, brown glass bottles were used. Brown bottles were causing no harm to the beer, after which all the beer-selling brands started using it.

But during World War II, there was a shortage of brown glass, due to which companies started giving beer in clean glass bottles again. But after doing this, the sale of beer began to work slowly. After which, the beer started being sold in green glass bottles in the market. This green bottle started selling as 'premium' quality in the market. On seeing this, not only the beer sales started increasing, but the green beer bottles started to be considered of better quality and became a status symbol.

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