Do you also fall in love with someone unilaterally, so be careful, otherwise you may be harmed


We usually see that when a boy and a girl are attracted to each other, then the love story between the two begins. But many times it is also seen that people sit in love unilaterally as well. We are attracted to that person, and we start loving him unilaterally. But does that person love you? It is not necessary that the person loves you, many times that person does not even know that someone is falling in love with them unilaterally. In such a situation, there is a chance of your heartbreaking. Therefore, it is said that love should be avoided unilaterally. So let's tell you about those signs, from which you may know that the person in front does not love you.

Pay no attention to you

It is often seen that people listen carefully to what they love, take care of everything, where they are going, where they are coming from, etc. they take care of everything. But the person you love and that person is not giving you any special importance, then it can be a sign that his heart is not in love with you.

Do not talk on the phone

If you call the person you love repeatedly. But that person either does not pick up your phone or I have some work every time I talk to you later saying that he disconnects the phone, so that means there is no love for you in his heart. Therefore, you should talk to such a person by talking openly, so that you do not face any further trouble.

Don't spend time together

If the person you love spends time with other people except you, goes for a walk with them, goes shopping and goes to meet them. But when it comes to spending time with you, he gets away from you by making some excuse and if you do not meet you then it is also a sign that the person does not love you. In such a situation, you can avoid wasting your time.

No reply on message / social media

Today's era is of social media. In such a situation, whenever we become friends with someone or love someone, we first connect with him on social media. In such a situation, the one whom you love unilaterally also sends a friend request on social media. But if that person does not reply to your message and does not accept your friend request. So you can understand that your love is one-sided.