Do the facial with rose water at home in just 10 minutes, the skin will become young and glowing


Many types of expensive beauty products are used by women to bring face to face. Even going to the parlor to sit for hours and get facials done. But the presence of chemicals and expensive facials weighs heavily on their skin and pockets. In such a situation the only question that comes to mind is what to do? Today we have brought rose water facials for such women, who can get the desired glue simply and cheaply in the house in just 10 minutes.

Yes, along with giving facial skin a lot of re-waxing, and if it is done at home, what else can be better. You can save both money and time. Let us know how to step-by-step the rose water facials.


The first step of facials is cleansing. Cleansing is done to remove dust, dirt, sweat, and oil accumulated on the face. Apart from this, it is used to remove makeup from the face, to remove dead skin cells. This cleanses the face deeply because rose water has astringent properties and also improves blood circulation. Cleansing helps remove dead skin cells and creates new cells. Cleansing prevents the pores of the skin from closing, thus relieving pimples and blackheads.

Clinging method

Rosewater is a very good cleanser for all skin types. To clean the face, mix a few drops of glycerin in one tablespoon of rose water and apply it on the face with the help of cotton to clean the face. This will easily remove dirt and dust accumulated on the face.


The second step of facials is scrubbing. Scrubbing helps to remove dead cells deposited on the surface of the face. It not only opens the closed pores of the skin but also nourishes the skin. Regular scrubbing is a very good way to cleanse the skin. This also improves blood circulation.

Way of scrubbing

For scrubbing in rose water facials you need sugar and rose water. Mix the two things and apply the scrub to the face. Then massage in a circular motion with light hands. Scrub all over the face i.e. around the forehead and lips. Keep in mind that this scrub should not go in the eyes. You should also do a little scrubbing on the neck and scrub around the nose thoroughly so that the blackheads come out easily.


The third step in the facial is the massage. Face massage not only makes your face blossom, but it also makes your skin soft and smooth. Also, tiredness disappears from your face and you feel fresh. Face massage makes your face tone and also acts as anti-aging. Face massage improves the blood circulation of your skin, which makes your skin look younger and healthier.

How to massage

Mix well with a little honey and rose water in a bowl. Then to massage, take it in your hands and close your eyes and lightly massage with the fingers of your hands. Massage at least 5 minutes is right. Massage should always be done upwards.


The fourth step of the facials includes Stim. This is the best way to open the closed pores of the face. The stem removes your dead skin, this makes the skin clean from the inside, the effect of which is also seen on the outside. Apart from this, taking a stem is also a good solution to reduce wrinkles. It gives freshness to your skin and also retains skin moisture.

Way to steam

Stim must be taken to open the pores. Stir in a bowl of boiling water by adding rose water. Taking steam has a magical effect on the face. You can also add fresh rose petals to it.

face pack

The last step of the facial is the face pack. For this, you can prepare a pack of rose water and baser. Besan reduces skin tanning. It also reduces acne by controlling skin oil. The face pack helps to reduce acne, scars, and scars. Also cleans the dead cells of the skin. Applying a face pack makes the skin clean and spotless, reduces wrinkles, fine lines, and tightens the skin.

How to apply face pack

First of all, add two spoons of rose water to one teaspoon gram flour and mix it well. Then apply this face pack on the face and neck and leave it for a while then massage with light hands. Now clean the face with cold water. Then apply a good moisturizer to your face.

With the help of these 5 steps, you too can easily make rose water facials at home. To get more information like this, stay connected with life.