Do not take light the sound of gurgle from the stomach, it may be a fatal disease, take these precautions


You will often see some people around you who have a strange sound from the stomach. Or you may have also felt that the sound of gurgle comes from the stomach. This can happen due to carelessness in catering. Acidity, gas, and an empty stomach can also be caused by this. According to health experts, it is not a problem to occasionally hear a sound from the stomach, but if it happens more often or if you feel too much noise from the stomach, do not take it lightly at all. The sounds coming from the stomach can be a sign of a serious illness.

Nowadays, usually every third or fourth person is having a stomach problem. Many diseases start from the stomach. If your stomach is right, then you are healthy, if you have an upset stomach, then you will not feel like doing anything. The problem of gas was earlier with increasing age, but now gastric and other stomach problems have become common in children too.

Physician Dr. Praveen Sinha explains that there can be many reasons behind the sound coming from the stomach. Many times people eat food in a hurry, so with this, a lot of air also gets into their stomachs. If this food comes down in the alimentary canal, then the air also slips, causing a sound from the stomach.

Dr. Sinha explains that when food breaks down from the enzymes present in the digestive system during digestion, gas is also produced in this process. Some people produce more gas than normal people. Due to this, the sound of gurgle comes from the stomach.

He says that even after being hungry for a long time, the sound of gurgle comes from the stomach. The reason is that on an empty stomach, your digestive system keeps on working without food and in this order, the walls of the stomach are narrowed together. Due to the empty stomach, there are noises due to the gases and digestive elements present there.

Dr. Sinha advises that one should not go hungry for long. If there are such sounds coming from an empty stomach, then eat something immediately. They point out that such a problem also occurs due to the long interval between the two meals. Digestion occurs when you eat food after being hungry for too long. Due to this, there are sounds from the stomach. So there should not be a very long interval between breakfast to dinner or between two meals.

Some people also get a sound due to excessive gas production in their stomachs. Gas production is a problem that causes many diseases. When gas is produced in our stomach, the walls of the stomach collides with that gas, due to which the sound of gurgle comes from inside. Our digestive system does not work properly even when the stomach is bad and in such a situation, the sound of gurgle comes from the stomach.

Do not take it lightly

Ultrasound and X-ray are also advised regarding the sound coming from the stomach. Sometimes doctors recommend changing the diet with treatment. Dr. Sinha says that if someone is getting gas in the stomach repeatedly or if such sounds are coming, then the specialist of the stomach should definitely show it to the doctor. If the problem does not go away despite taking the medicine, it can also be a symptom of bowel cancer. Dr. Sinha's advice is that it would be better to visit a specialist doctor to know about it in detail.