Do not put this picture of Lord Shiva even at home, or else happiness and peace will be destroyed!


It is considered auspicious to put a picture of Gods and Goddesses in the house and it is even more important to know about the month of Sawan. The month of Sawan is very special for Shiva, therefore, during this time, a picture of Shiva must be installed in the house

Today we are going to tell you about which direction Lord Shiva's picture should be placed and which kind of picture should not be placed. So let's know.

North direction is the favorite direction of Lord Shiva and in this direction is the abode of Lord Shiva, i.e. Mount Kailash. Therefore, to put a picture of Lord Shiva in the house, one should choose the north direction. Applying pictures in this direction gives auspicious results. Put such a picture of Lord Shiva in the north, in which he is calm and meditative or sitting on a Nandi.

Apart from this, you can also put such a picture of Shivji in which he is sitting with his whole family. It should also be taken care not to put such a picture of Shiva in the house in which he is in a state of anger or holding the form of anger. This is not good for the happiness and peace of home