Do not forget some important things related to vermilion


In Hinduism, the filling of vermilion by women is very important. After marriage, every woman fills her husband's name and sindoor for their longevity. But while filling the vermilion, some things should be kept in mind such as when, how, and how often it should be applied. So let's know some special things related to vermilion ...

Don't bathe

Sindoor is considered very sacred in Hinduism. Therefore, it should never be used without bathing. It should always be applied on the forehead after bathing, wearing clean clothes.

women wear sindoor, nari

Do not apply these days

It should not be used at home during sutak or periods. These days it becomes impure by applying it.

Don't let the vermilion fall

Always keep it in a safe place. It should be avoided in any place where it is afraid of falling. Also, keep it out of the reach of children. Because its fall is considered ominous.

What to do if vermilion falls?

If the vermilion falls by mistake, do not make the mistake of throwing it in a drain or dustbin. Pick it with your hands and apply it on the forehead. Then put it on some tree.

Do not face anyone

It is said that sindur should never be planted in front of anyone. By doing this the husband may get a bad eye.

Fall on the forehead

If a slight fall on the forehead or nose while applying vermilion, it gives auspicious signs. It is believed that the woman's husband loves her very much.

Liquid or dry vermilion?

Applying dry vermilion instead of liquid is considered quite sacred.

How to apply dry vermilion?

Many women face difficulties in filling dry vermilion. To apply vermilion, firstly moisten the third finger of your right hand. You can wet it with water or rose water. Now take a little vermilion and fill it in your demand. If you want to fill a thin vermilion, you can fill it with matchsticks.