Do not do this work on Tuesday, otherwise, you will have to face many problems


We all know that Tuesday is dedicated to Bajrangbali and this day is perfect for getting his blessings. You can fulfill many wishes by making Hanuman Ji happy on this day. This day is also good for the peace of Mars. But there are many things that God can be angry by doing, so let us know about those things which should not be done on Tuesday.

It is not considered auspicious to buy any sweets made of milk like Rabri, Barfi Kalankad, etc. on Tuesday. Donating things made with milk should also be avoided.

Buying iron items should also be avoided on Tuesday. On Tuesday, you should avoid buying scissors, knives, nail cutters, etc.

Even on Tuesday, do not forget to use meat and liquor or any other intoxicants.

On Tuesday, nails, beard, hair, etc. should not be cut, or else you may have to suffer loss for this.

You should avoid buying makeup on this day. Otherwise, it causes problems in marital life.