Do not do these 5 things immediately after marriage!


1. In Hinduism, red color is considered as a sign of honey, while the black color is considered inauspicious. The new couple should never wear black clothes at the new beginning of life.

2. It is the biggest day of our life when we get married to someone. Therefore, after marriage, you should not go to the death of anyone for 6 months. It is considered inauspicious.

3. In Hinduism, girls are told about certain suhaag signs which they are advised to wear. Therefore, the girl should not remove sindoor, churda and seven patdi for a quarter of a month.

4. The new couple should not go on pilgrimage etc. after marriage. In which his going to any place of pilgrimage is not considered auspicious.

5. In our society, when a girl gets married and goes to her in-laws, she is welcomed as a Lakshmi and she is considered to be Lakshmi. In such a situation, one should not buy a new broom for cleaning for a year in the house, because of this money is lost.