Do not commit these mistakes during the interview, it has a negative effect


During the interview, it is very important that no matter how qualified you are, but still pay attention to some things because there are many untold things that many people are not ready for between the interviewer and the interviewer. Huh. No matter how soft-minded the interviewer is, but it is certain that he will try to read you in every way, so it is very important that you do not make small mistakes. Know from the next slides, by making mistakes, you can spoil the work you have done.

No sight

Not eyeing up during an interview can make you look incredulous and unstable. In one survey, 67 percent of the employers admitted that the lack of eyesight is the biggest drawback of a candidate. In normal life also, make a habit of talking with eyes so that you do not face any problems in an interview. In most interviews, people do this to hide their nervousness.


Habits such as playing with your hair, repeatedly touching your face, or constant leg shaking can make you a self-confident image in front of the interviewer or prove your preparation weak. It is better to keep both your hands steady and facing the front. Girls often do all this in their interviews more than boys. Due to which sometimes he is considered immature in the interview.

Don't laugh at all

The lack of a smile on your face during the interview can make you look unhappy and tough. Also, it shows that you cannot befriend quickly. Keep a natural smile on your face and smile in between. This will also keep you away from the stress of the interview. Do not refrain from showing fake smiles to show yourself very happy.

Hand tie

Sitting with your hands facing the front creates an image of an insecure and uncomfortable person in front of the interviewer. Place one hand in your lap and one hand on the table or on the chair. Sit comfortably and do not keep your body stretched. If you sit with folded hands, you are judged differently so present yourself as you really are.