Do not be angry with children, this way affect their mood


As children grow up, their mischiefs also increase. Many times parents speak to them but they do not believe. In such a situation, parents feel that there is no option but to get angry and shout at the children, but if you scold the very young children then there will be no problem but it is not right to scold the growing children because your anger is theirs Affects mood.

Lack of confidence

If you keep shouting at the children, then gradually they start losing their confidence. They answer fearfully. Even in school, when teachers ask them questions, they are not able to answer even when they know the answer. But fear of scolding weakens their confidence day by day.

Born negative thoughts

If you keep scolding children, again and again, they start thinking negative things about you in their minds. Such feelings come to his mind as if you do not love him at all. They are unable to believe in you, they start having doubts about you. Sometimes they start doubting your upbringing.

Nature is aggressive

If you shout, again and again, the child will also learn the same. He will start shouting and talking to his friends and other people. It may be that in a short period of time, they may even start shouting and talking to you, which is not good at all. If he behaves this way in school, then his image of you will be spoiled, so speak sweetly to yourself and give children a similar education.

Children start lying

It is very easy for children to learn to lie. If you start yelling at children, they learn to lie to you because they think that they will escape your anger by lying and they start telling big lies with increasing age. So try to get angry with them at least so that you can know and understand their feelings.