Do full-body exercises only with the help of socks, learn Yasmin Karachiwala tips


Yasmin Karachiwala has shared some exercises that can be done with the help of socks. Nothing else will be needed for these exercises.

Exercise should be a part of our daily routine which not only helps to keep us fit but also keeps our health right. But many times people make excuses about excise. The most common excuse is the absence of time or the absence of any equipment for exercise. But do you know that exercise can also be done with the help of home furnishings? Even if you do not have the right shoes for exercise, your exercise is possible at home only with the help of socks.

Celeb fitness trainer Yasmin Karachiwala has shared some similar exercises on her Instagram where you can follow your fitness routine only with the help of socks. Before this, we have told you about the exercise done with the help of the wall. Now let's talk about Yasmin Karachiwala's exercises in which you have to take the help of socks.

1. Low reverse lunges

A mixed form of squats and lunges will be seen in this exercise told by Yasmin Karachiwala. This is very easy and does 3 sets of it and repeats it 15-20 times in each set.

How to do this exercise-

To perform this exercise, first, bend the knees and be in the position of the squats. After this, move one leg back as if inverted lunges. Bring the same leg back. Repeat the same exercise with the other leg after doing it 15 times.

This will have the same effect as normal lunges and squats. This exercise will tone the legs.

2.Alternate reverse lunge

This is also an exercise related to the feet. While we go towards the front while performing the lunges, on the other hand, it is a completely reverse lunge. If there is a problem with knee pain, then this exercise will work more than the first exercise. Exercise can prove to be good enough to tone the legs.

How to do this exercise-

First of all, stand up straight. Now, just like we did in the above exercise, slide one leg backward and come back to your position. Then do the same with the other leg.

In this case, the emphasis will be less on the feet and your exercise will be better.

3. Seated Abductors

The next exercise is the seat abductors that you have to do sitting down. You also have to do 3 sets of this exercise and repeat it 15-20 times in each set.

How to do this exercise-

For this exercise, first of all, sit on the ground keeping the legs straight. Keep in mind that your back and hands should also be straight as shown in the picture. With this, lift your hips with your hands. Keep in mind that the ankles of the feet should be on the ground. After lifting the hips, first, take out the right leg and then return to the previous position. After this, take out the left leg and come to the previous position. After this, spread both legs together and then come back to the previous position.

If this exercise seems too difficult, then do not spread both legs together, try only by doing one foot each.

4. Curtsy lunge to back kick

This exercise is a slightly modified form of the first exercise. Like we have been doing in all exercises, we have to do 3 sets in it and repeat all the steps 15 times in 1 set.

How to do this exercise-

In this exercise, reverse lunge is the same as we did in the second number exercise, just the foot will go into the criss-cross i.e. instead of sliding the leg directly backward, bring it to the heel of the other foot. After this, stand back and raise the same leg straight at a 90-degree angle from the ground (as given in the picture) by placing your hands on the waist. This has to be done as if doing a back kick. It is a beneficial exercise for the waist.

5. Glute bridge curls

This exercise will help to strengthen the back and also increase its strength. There are three sets of this exercise too.

How to do this exercise-

First of all, lie down on the ground and keep your hands straight. After this, bend the knees and lift your hips. Now you have to slide one leg first in this position. Then he has to slide back and slide the other leg and then finally slide both the legs.

If you feel that it is difficult, then slide back and forth with only one foot. Do not put both feet together.

You can follow Yasmin Karachiwala's easy exercise at home. You do not need any equipment nor any special setup for all these exercises. Then what are you waiting for? You can try them out.

All photo and Video Credit: Yasmin Karachiwala Instagram account