Do cheap wedding shopping from these markets of Kanpur


Kanpur city, which is called the business capital of Uttar Pradesh, is special in many ways. Due to the status of the metropolis, this city has all the facilities like a metro city.

Services ranging from Nawabi catering to high standard education, health and even good malls are easily available in Kanpur city. Apart from all this, there are many good markets in Kanpur city. In these markets, every latest item related to fashion is available, which you will find in the market of big cities like Delhi and Mumbai.

Especially everything related to marriage you can buy from Kanpur city. Here you will get good items at cheap prices. Let us tell you about some similar markets in Kanpur city, from where you can buy everything you need for fewer rates.

General Ganj Market

The market of General Ganj, situated in the heart of Kanpur city, passes through narrow streets. It can be called the cheapest market in Kanpur because it is a wholesale market for clothes. Here you will see a showroom of sarees from where you can buy designer sarees for yourself. Not only this but here you will also easily find salwar suits, lehengas and evening gowns in many varieties. Along with clothes, you can buy bedsheets, quilts and towels etc. from here. The best thing is that here you will get 20% to 30% cheaper than other markets. Not only this but here you will also get the freedom to choose different colours in the same design. This market is only 2.8 km from Kanpur Central Station. Here you can come with the help of local e-rickshaws or cycle rickshaws.

Student market

Govind Nagar area of ​​Kanpur city is famous for many things. Here you will get to see the best food points as well as the plush market. Here you will find all the items related to the household. Here 3 markets are linked together. It includes Chawla Market, Vidyarthi Market and Durga Mandir Market. While in Chawla Market you will get to see big showrooms, in Vidyarthi Market you will find everything from Artificial Jewelry to Footwear, Clothing, Kitchen and Home Decorating Items. The Vidyarthi Market of Govind Nagar is extremely dense and the streets are spread far and wide in the streets. Here you will find all kinds of expensive and cheap things. The best thing is that you can also negotiate with shopkeepers here.

Shivala Market

Shivala Market of Kanpur is also very famous. It has been called Shivala because there is a very old 'Kailash Temple' and one of the gates of that temple is named 'Shivala'. There is a market on this gate of the temple itself. Although it is not a very big market, one can come here to do a cheap and good shopping. Especially if you have to buy a wedding lehenga or book it on rent Then you must come to this market. Not only this but from here you can also buy cheap and good artificial jewellery. If you want bed sheets or curtains then you will find them here too. You will also find many cosmetics shops in Shivala Market, from where you can buy goods for your wedding vanity box. Not only this, but there is also a Bangle Market here, where once you go, you will not return without shopping for bangles.

Sisamau Market

Sisamau Market of Kanpur city is also wonderful. If you want to do cheap and good shopping then you can also come here. Here you will find a good variety from designer lehenga to saree. This market located on P Road is not very big, but in this market, you get everything that can be needed for any bride. There is also a Gumti number-5 market near Sisamau market. In this market of Punjabis, you will find every item related to the latest trend. This market is famous for designer salwar suits. Along with this, the items of decorating the house are also found inappropriate rates here.

So if you want to come to Kanpur to shop for wedding-related goods, then you are welcome. Here you will find cheaper and better things than one.