DIY: 3 best ideas for decorating a home with a bedsheet on Diwali


If you are going to decorate the house on Diwali, these DIY ideas of bedsheets will come a lot.

As soon as the festival of Diwali draws near, people get involved in the cleanliness and decoration of the house. To make their home beautiful, people bring expensive decorative items from the market and decorate the house. At the same time, in many houses, women try different types of DIY ideas for Diwali and decorate the house.

Today we are going to tell you some such interesting DIY ideas, which you too can easily try at home. The best thing is that you can do this DIY from a bedsheet, which you will get easily at home.

So let us tell you how you can decorate your house on Diwali with a bedsheet.

Wall art

You will find very beautiful wall art in the market, but to buy them you will have to pay a good price. If you want to put beautiful wall art in your living area or bedroom on the occasion of Diwali then you can use a hand-painted bedsheet.

Let me tell you that this is also the trend of today. People cover the walls of their homes with colourful and designer bedsheets and give it the look of wall art. You can also do this because it is very easy. Especially if there is a wall in your house that is going bad and does not look presentable even after getting a whitewash or paint, then you can cover it from the bedsheet in such a way that it looks like wall art. Not only this, after applying the bedsheet on the wall, you can decorate it with designer lights. This makes your room look very beautiful.

Bedsheet curtains

You can use bedsheets not only for laying on beds but also for making curtains. Usually, when the bedsheet becomes old, people use it as a curtain, but when it comes to decorating the house, instead of replacing the old one, you can make new bedsheet curtains because curtains made from old bedsheets can spoil the home decoration. Huh.

Many times when the curtains do not match the decorations of the room, this DIY idea of ​​bedsheets can be very helpful. You can also use designer laces or knots to give a little decorative touch to the curtains made of bedsheets.


If you are planning to have a small terrace party at home on the occasion of Diwali, or if you want to create a different place at home to play cards with the family, then you can make a Tipi. You can take the help of a colourful bedsheet at home to make a Tipi. You can also use decorative lights to decorate the Tipi. Not only this, you can put mattresses and cushions in Tipi to make good seating arrangement for the family members.

Let me tell you that you can also get readymade Tipi in the market, but there is something else about the Tipi made from bedsheet at home. Apart from being innovative, they also add to the decoration of the house.

Image Credit: Amazon, Kara's Party Ideas .com / pinterest