Diwali special: Cashew barfi made at home in sweet, everyone will like


The holy festival of Diwali is about to come and everyone is preparing in their homes from now on. The festival of Diwali is known for its sweetness. In such a situation, today we have brought the recipe for making cashew barfi for you, which will be liked by everyone and will make your Diwali special. So let's know about its recipe.

necessary ingredients

- 250 grams of cashew nuts

- 250 grams of sugar

- 240 grams of milk

- Silverwork

- Ghee pot (to set the barfi)

Mode of making

First of all, prepare a paste by mixing cashew and milk with goodwill.

- Add sugar to the paste. Cook on low heat. When the sugar dissolves, boil the mixture once.

Keep stirring the mixture on medium flame. When the mixture starts leaving the edge of the pan and becomes like dough, take it off the flame.

- Remove ghee on a vessel. Put it in about 6 and 1/8 coarse pieces to set.

- Apply silver work on top. Keep it to cool down.

Cut into a diamond shape and serve.